Year 2018

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  • 22.03.2018


    In Suspension – The Fight With a Long Forgotten Disease (German) ISBN 978-1-502-97997-1 A Brazilian woman travels to Berlin with her German husband. She is young, educated, brimming with energy and hope. Soon, she is fluent in German, makes new friends and finds a demanding job that makes her very happy. Everything is going well. […]

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  • 22.03.2018


    The Difficult Fight of Lepers Against Leprosy Since 1998, leprosy has no longer been considered a public health issue in Cambodia. However, 200 to 400 cases are still detected every year in the kingdom. Once they receive treatment, those affected are cured and no longer contagious. But they are still met with fear. CIOMAL helps […]

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Campagne Internationale de l’Ordre de Malte contre la lèpre


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